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Reefer Trailers, monitoring, refueling and maintenance from ASM GROUP

In the evolving world of logistics and transportation, refrigerated trailers stand out as a game-changing solution for businesses. These temperature-controlled units have become essential in safeguarding the quality and integrity of sensitive products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. Yet, as indispensable as they are, their functionality hinges on consistent and efficient power, often derived from diesel. This is where ASM Group steps in, offering unrivaled diesel refueling services tailored specifically for these unique trailers.


The process of maintaining a refrigerated trailer doesn’t just stop at setting the right temperature. It requires constant power, most frequently via diesel, to ensure the refrigeration unit operates without interruptions. With ASM Group’s targeted approach, businesses can enjoy:

  • Rapid Response: ASM Group understands the critical nature of keeping refrigerated trailers running. With their expansive network, they can locate partners who deliver an emergency refrigerated trailer within a swift 4 hours. If you’re planning ahead, they ensure a refrigerated trailer reaches you within 48 hours.
  • Monitoring Excellence: ASM Group goes beyond traditional services by implementing advanced processes that monitor both the trailer unit’s temperature and fuel level. This proactive approach ensures that businesses are always informed about the condition of their goods and the fuel status of the trailer, reducing the risk of unforeseen interruptions and adding an extra layer of assurance.
  • Efficient Refueling Services: ASM Group isn’t just about delivering the trailers. They’ve streamlined the diesel refueling process. This means no more running out of fuel unexpectedly or facing operational delays due to power issues. ASM Group ensures that your trailer, gets refueled seamlessly, ensuring continuous operations.
  • Flexibility in Service: Not limited to just refueling, ASM Group extends its offerings to include the pick-up, relocation, or repositioning of trailers based on business needs. Furthermore, in case of unexpected mechanical breakdowns, ASM is equipped to promptly send a technician for emergency repairs on refrigerated trailers. This comprehensive service model ensures businesses can prioritize their core tasks, free from logistical worries.

Why Choose ASM Group for Your Portable Refrigeration Needs?

There are several factors that make ASM Group the go-to choice for diesel refueling services for refrigerated trailers:

  1. Expertise: The intricacies involved in maintaining and refueling these trailers demand a deep understanding and expertise. ASM Group’s vast experience in this niche ensures they can handle any situation, no matter how complex.
  2. Reliability: In industries where even a slight delay can result in substantial losses, reliability is key. ASM Group’s commitment to delivering on their promises within the stipulated timelines ensures that businesses can operate with peace of mind.
  3. End-to-End Solutions: ASM Group’s comprehensive suite of services ensures that businesses have a one-stop solution for all their refrigerated trailer needs. From delivery to refueling, everything is taken care of.
  4. Network Strength: The ability to deliver a refrigerated trailer within 4 hours in emergency situations speaks volumes about the strength and efficiency of ASM Group’s network. With partners strategically positioned, they guarantee rapid responses and solutions.


The world of temperature-controlled storage trailers is vast and complex, but with partners like ASM Group, navigating this landscape becomes significantly easier. Their dedication to ensuring that these trailers function optimally, powered by their diesel refueling services, makes them an invaluable asset to any business relying on refrigerated transportation. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a planned requirement, ASM Group’s promise to deliver, refuel, and manage these trailers sets them apart in the industry. As the demand for refrigerated trailers continues to rise, having a reliable partner like ASM Group ensures businesses can keep things cool, no matter the challenge.

Plan Your Portable Refrigeration Ahead Of Time With ASM Group

Before the need for a refrigerated trailer arises, ensure you’re partnered with the best. With ASM Group by your side, you’ll be prepared for any situation. Reach email or call us today at 763.201.1451, and let’s ensure your logistics and refrigerated trailer needs are seamless and stress-free.