Refrigerated Storage: How Reefer Trailers Can Solve Your Space Challenges

Posted by Bo Harvey

What are Reefer Trailers?

refrigerated storage trailers in a row

Solving Space and Flexibility Issues

Scalable Storage Solutions

Immediate Availability

Rows of refrigerated freight trailers parked in a lot at a depot for the distribution of cold products and produce in a receding low angle view

Mobility and Convenience

Energy Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Versatility in Climate-controlled storage units

Ensuring Compliance and Quality

The Benefits of Temperature-controlled storage

Refrigerated semi-trailer inside. Empty cargo area of refrigerated trailer. Interior of the new semi-trailer for transporting frozen food.

Ready to Transform Your Perishable goods storage Solutions? Let ASM Group Lead the Way

A person refueling a refrigerated storage trailer fuel tank

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