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Getting it done right takes a blend of science and art. Because even the best-laid plans can go awry,
ASM Group is built to adapt to changing conditions and unforeseen events. That’s 3PL-Plus™.

Retail program for a global health benefits provider

Business challenge

Distribute, install and deinstall displays at 1,500 retail locations ASAP.

The clock was ticking

ASM Group worked within a 10-day window to plan the project to complete it in the legally mandated 5-day period.

  • Receive distribution site list of 1500 retail locations to be installed 10 days prior to the mandated install date.
  • Distribute and install all fixtures within a 5-day timeframe.
  • Consolidate fixtures at 50+ warehouses throughout the country.
  • Load optimize and distribute to main warehouse.
  • Procure graphics and replacement parts.
  • Provide real-time status reporting via ASM Group’s field services application.

ASM Group Service Plan

Total fixture management

  • Distribute
  • Install and deinstall
  • Inventory and manage
  • Maintain and refurbish
  • Store and warehouse

Custom Dashboard Reporting

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