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Natural disaster induced emergency refrigerated storage deployment and monitoring

Business challenge

Protect millions of dollars of refrigerated food during six weeks of violent hurricanes wreaking havoc with power in 8 states.
Without our services to secure expedited refrigerated storage equipment, a retail grocery store runs the risk of losing $1,000,000 in products with each power outage occurrence.

Batten down the hatches

From late August through early October of 2018, the southeast US was hit by four major hurricanes causing widespread power outages. Many resources were already taken by FEMA and other government organizations monopolizing assets for emergency recovery. What’s more, inventory was ramping up in anticipation of the holidays. To keep the stores open required safe refrigerated products during the busiest time of year when trailer and container rental and resources were limited.

ASM Group Service Plan

  • Provide full project management with live dashboard reporting and a 24/7/365 LIVE help desk.
  • Deliver 105 assets to save product and receive additional product to keep stores open.
  • Stage and move assets to areas of need before, during and after the storms.
  • Monitor and refill fuel – 94 deliveries during and immediately after storms. Bring in fuel from surrounding states to supplement when local sources were unable to keep up with demand.
  • Provide real time order-by-order status updates.
  • Train stores in best-practices to operate equipment to save product and stay open.
  • Supplied trailers deliver fuel and monitor temperatures even if store was closed and evacuated.
  • Supplied generators to enable customers to use equipment if diesel units were unavailable.
  • Supply drivers with Certificates of Entry to allow them to travel into areas closed to the general public.
  • Develop an emergency preparedness plan to streamline inevitable future weather issues.

Custom Dashboard Reporting

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