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Program planning & management

Ordering, renting, delivery and set-up are only the beginning at ASM Group. We know who has inventory, where it is and what it costs.

Planning, monitoring, fueling, servicing and metrics are where we earn our stripes. Your program runs smoothly through Status Now™ where you have a real-time 24/7/365 dashboard detailing each unit’s assets, temperature status, fuel level and burn rate. Your invoices are consolidated and automated to integrate with your accounting systems, so finance and management stay happy and out of your hair.

  • Instant asset status to know what you have and where it is.
  • Optimized fuel management monitors each unit’s burn rate to reduce fuel delivery costs by servicing each unit only when required.
  • Temperature monitoring and data collection to manage inventory, ensure food safety compliance and reduce spoilage.
  • 24/7/365 LIVE Customer Service real people ready to help.


Fuel Management – We keep you up and running

Our fuel management service ensures each unit is fueled and monitored. Whether it needs refueling or a generator, we know it, we procure it and we handle it – keeping temperatures compliant with food safety procedures. Repairs are handled swiftly through our nationwide network of 3,500 service techs. They respond quickly and can repair any unit on any day at any time.

Emergency Response & Preparedness Planning

No problem. Our network of 2,200 depots across the United States is at our fingertips. Whether it’s a weather emergency or a pressing business matter, when you really need them, wherever you are, we’ll find them and get trailers set up – FAST – usually in 4-hours or less.

We’ll help design and manage the ultimate emergency plan for your business for whatever comes around the corner.

Talk live NOW

24/7/365 LIVE customer service is always available

Multiple equipment options

  • Dry storage trailers
  • Ground refrigerated containers
  • Ground dry storage containers         
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Roll doors
  • Swing doors                                                

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